Get Windows 11 Pro + Copilot for its lowest price ever during Deal Days

Generate text and images, adjust settings, and get help with basic tasks.
Windows 11 Pro+ pulled up on a Microsoft computer.
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Windows Copilot is the new ChatGPT, Siri, MetaAI, and so on. Forget all of those other AIs because the integrated Microsoft assistant will be all you need. Dreading writing that email? Copilot will do it for you. Don’t want to read that whole web page? You guessed it, Copilot can handle that, too.

The easiest way to get Copilot fully integrated into your PC is by upgrading to Windows 11 Pro. Plus, you’ll unlock the all-new user design and some other nifty features along the way. Upgrade during Deal Days—our answer to Prime Day—for $22.97 (reg. $199). That’s the lowest price we’ve ever offered!

Meet your new AI assistant for, well, everything

Remember Cortana? Copilot is her (in our opinion, much handier) replacement, using a custom version of GPT-4 for all of your tasks. That means you’re basically getting the premium version of ChatGPT for free with Windows 11 Pro.

Summon Copilot by hitting the Windows key + C and typing in your request, or tap the microphone and use a voice command. Try asking something like: “Write an article about Windows 11 Pro” and see how it compares to this one.

Copilot can also answer your questions (“what’s a valid excuse to get out of work?”), change system settings (“start a focus session, I’m too distracted by Bon Jovi’s new album”), and work in Paint, Photos, and Microsoft Edge. Ask it to:

  • Generate images with detailed prompts
  • Remote photo backgrounds
  • Summarize web pages
  • Organize browser tabs

A new look, productivity tools, and Pro-exclusive features

Windows 11 Pro’s other features are a bit less exciting, but still noteworthy. The new user design reminds us a lot of macOS with a centered bottom task bar and rounded app corners. You’ll also get new productivity features like snap layouts and an improved search tool.

Since this is the Pro version (vs. the free Home type), it has additional features like BitLocker hard drive encryption, Hyper-V, Windows Sandbox, Azure AD, and more. This is the ultimate OS upgrade at an all-time low price!

Unlock Windows 11 Pro on your PC for only $22.97 (reg. $199) during Deal Days. This sale ends on July 21, and no coupon is needed.

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