Cat Armor

The year: 2094. Nuclear war has devastated the planet. Felines have inherited the Earth. One rides on into danger.

Tablet Man

We saw many weird things at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. But we did not see Tablet Man.

Don’t Be A Butthead!

Here’s a vintage ad from a national anti-smoking campaign. What a butthead! (You see, the ends of cigarettes are called “butts.” Ha.) More anti-smoking stuff here.

3-D Printed Dragon

A little girl wrote an adorable note to scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation asking for a dragon. So they 3-D printed her a dragon.

Rebuilt Paintings

Using scientific detritus–old pins, magnifying classes, scraps of photos–Michael Mapes recreates beautiful paintings by Dutch masters.
Thomas Zakowski takes gorgeous photos of some very cold lighthouses on Lake Michigan. Thomas Zakowski via My Modern Metropolis

Snow Shark

Kid version of me would probably watch the hell out of a Snow Shark cartoon.

Morphing Blobs

Andy Lomas, a mathematician and effects designer, created a computer-generated blob that gets more and more complex over time. See a video here.

Everest From Space

This is Mount Everest, as seen from space. Look how small it is! Dumb mountain.