You Can Now Save A Kitten In Virtual Reality

Afraid of heights in real life? What about in VR?

For some reason, humans get a sick pleasure out of facing their fears (or watching other people do it, at least). Now, it’s even easier and potentially safer to face those fears virtually. In a video announcing Namco Bandai’s new virtual reality space called VR Zone Project i Can in Tokyo, set to open April 15, we get a taste of the truly awesomely terrifying power of VR.

The demo, which uses HTC Vive, takes players on an emotional journey to save a cartoonish kitten at the end of precarious plank that juts out over a city street. The pure anguish expressed by the participants in the video feels pretty darn realistic, even if the visuals they’re reacting to aren’t. Watch the video below and tell yourself that you’re definitely braver than that.