Snowboarder Glides With Handheld Airplane Thrusters

Yes, it looks fun. Yes, you will look like a dork.

Dreamscience Propulsion‘s snowboard thrusters are difficult to describe. It’s like: if you stuffed airplane engines in _American Gladiator _batons? It’s like: if you took a boom mic and used it to swat a drone out of the air? Words fail me.

But, here they are: The thrusters, created by the U.K.-based company, let snowboarders—or surfers, or skateboarders—semi-automate their sport. Just hold on to the stick, and you get propelled along. The jet engine simile is probably appropriate, since the gadget uses tiny engines spinning at up to 30,000 RPM, sucking in air to hurtle the snowboarder forward.

Here is a very funny diagram:


And here is a video of a human being who has made the transformation into a cyborg airboat:

[Dreamscience Propulsion via Laughing Squid]