Man 3-D Prints A Concrete Castle In His Backyard

Some Minnesotan suburbanites have got a handy neighbor.

Where Dreams Come True

Andrey Rudenko, Total Kustom

This is a castle that a man 3-D printed from concrete, using a printer he built himself. We like how variations in the concrete's color stretch perfectly across the castle—the product of care and engineering on the part of the maker, Andrey Rudenko. As he wrote on his website:

Layering cement was an extremely difficult task- it required extensive tuning of the printer on a programming level, as well as using exact quantities for the cement mix. . . . I was able to calibrate the machine so that it prints nearly perfect layers now, and I played with various heights and widths of the cement layers. My current standard is 10 millimeters in height by 30 millimeters in width, but countless other options are available with just the click of a button.

But the castle, meant to be a kids' playhouse, is just a warm-up for Rudenko's ultimate goal: To print an entire house, in one piece.

Rudenko is not the only one with this idea. At least a couple of architects around the world have announced plans to make one-time 3-D printed house projects, while the Guardian recently reported on a Chinese company that aims to produce 3-D printed houses for mass sale. The Guardian's video of the Chinese printer even looks a lot like the below video of Rudenko's extruder, although argues Rudenko's house will be of better quality.

There's no doubt that Rudenko's project is the DIYest of them all. We salute his dedication and wish him the best of luck and speed.