Note: Video is a tad NSFW.

Japanese lingerie manufacturer Ravijour has designed a bra, called the True Love Tester, that apparently knows “how women truly feel.” Yes, this is a goofy marketing scheme. But it’s also a science bra, so… carry on.

The ad above features some so-called human sexuality specialists, who say that when women fall in love and get excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine, which stimulates the heart. An app receives heart rate information to analyze via Bluetooth from a sensor in the bra. When the “True Love rate exceeds a certain value, the bra hook is unlocked automatically.” Voila. You can check out how readings apparently differ for activities that affect a women’s heart rate below.

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Look! Shopping does speed up heart rates. Right there with eating spicy food and watching horror movies.

According to NicoNico, the lockdown-intimate isn’t on the market just yet – but if you buy over 5,000 yen in Ravijour lingerie, you can enter to win a chance to test it out at hotels in Japan. Five couples will be selected to play with the gizmo.

Other high-tech undergarment projects have popped up recently: A group of engineering students in India built a bra that zaps attackers and Microsoft is also researching a smart bra.