Google Developing Smart Contact Lenses To Help Diabetics

The wearable tech will help people monitor their blood-sugar levels.

The Google X labs are at it again. But instead of trying to engineer flying generators or spread WiFi with a balloon, the clandestine research center is developing contact lenses that measure blood-sugar levels in the wearer’s tears. This could get rid of the invasive process that most diabetics endure which involves drawing their own blood to be read by an electronic reader in order to keep track of their glucose levels.

Currently, the prototype has tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors placed in between two lenses which are able to generate a reading once per second. Google is exploring integrating tiny LED lights that would flash if levels have crossed above or below safe thresholds. According to Google, the chips and sensors are so small they look like bits of glitter, with an antenna thinner than a human hair.

The corporation is still in talks with the Food and Drug Administration and plan to partner with experts in bringing products like this to the market. Diabetes affects approximately one in 19 people on the planet.