Adorable Baby Falcon Found At CERN

Look at its angry little face

Baby falcon found at CERN

Sophia Bennett/CERN

This is also how I feel on Wednesdays.Sophia Bennett/CERN

It's nice to see an animal at CERN that's both alive and not shutting down billion dollar experiments.

This falcon chick was found yesterday on the CERN campus, the international physics lab in Geneva, Switzerland and home of the world's largest atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

From the CERN Website:

The chick will be fed and trained to fly at the Centre in a tunnel, and ultimately released into the wild, probably near CERN. The bird, who has been tagged with ID number 2054, weighed 119 grams.

This isn't the first time wildlife has snuck onto CERN's campus this year. Last month, a weasel-like beech marten chewed on a wire and shut the LHC down for a week. The marten died, but hopefully this little falcon baby will be okay.