Get 2 Sam’s Club memberships for the price of 1 with this irresistible deal

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Membership clubs don’t just offer discounts on bulk groceries and home essentials. They also offer member-exclusive deals on services, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and electronics—including the 4K television you’ve had your eye on. The only tradeoff is you have to pay a pretty penny to enjoy these discounts–usually. Lucky for you, Sam’s Club is offering an irresistible deal on not just one, but two annual memberships. You only have to fork over $45.88, almost the price of a standard Sam’s Club membership, which costs $45 per year.

With this deal, you can get your hands on two memberships for the price of one, ideal for you and your partner, roommate, or any family member. This means both of you can enjoy quality products at an exceptional value unmatched by traditional retail. From groceries and kitchen supplies to electronics and furniture, you can take advantage of everything Sam’s Club has to offer, whether in-store or online.

But the best thing about this deal is you’ll also be receiving a free seasoned rotisserie chicken and an 8-count package of gourmet cupcakes upon your first checkout, provided that you already have the items in your cart. These free treats just make the deal so much sweeter. As if that’s not enough, Sam’s Club is even throwing in a complimentary household card for more savings from already low-priced goods.

This offer is currently valid only to new Sam’s Club members, but you’ll likely renew anyway after enjoying hundreds worth of discounts after a year, as well as access to products not offered by other stores.

Prices subject to change.