5 Best DVD “Easter Eggs”

Hidden gems you're not supposed to see
In the film Final Fantasy, Dr. Aki Ross saves the Earth. On the DVD, she dances like Michael Jackson.

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There’s more to DVD movies these days than just the film and cast bios. Moviemakers are increasingly including Easter eggs-hidden bits of amusing or wacky material that you can find only by snooping around. They’re activated with a few clicks of the remote control. We asked Mr. DVD, Netflix.com’s James Rocchi, for his list of the five coolest.

Star Wars: Episode One

What You’ll See: A hilarious series of flubs from the movie’s making.

How to Access: Go to the Options menu and type “1138” (from the title of George Lucas’ debut, THX 1138) with your remote.

Mr. DVD Sez: “Who knew light sabers were so slippery? Funny stuff here-at the very least, funnier than Jar Jar Binks.”

Final Fantasy

What You’ll See: The computer-generated characters doing their own rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

How to Access: Select the Highlights menu on the bonus disc; press the up-arrow on your remote, followed by the right-arrow button-this takes you to a second page. Press the up-arrow button, then press the right-arrow button twice and highlight a small frame in the righthand corner.

Mr. DVD Sez: “More wit, charm, and humor in 3 minutes than the film displays in 106.”

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Special Edition

What You’ll See: A 156-minute extended version
of the movie with an alternate ending.

How to Access: Go to the Special Edition menu screen, highlight the words Play Special Edition and enter the number “82997” (which is the date of the movie’s original release).

Mr. DVD Sez: “OK, the alternate ending is hokey, but who can resist an extra-heaping helping of T2?”

The Matrix

What You’ll See: A 12-minute montage of concept artwork and special effects test footage.
How to Access: Go to the Special Features menu, then to Cast and Crew biographies. The page about the writing-directing Wachowski brothers contains a small red pill-highlight it and press “enter.”

Mr. DVD Sez: “A great glimpse behind the curtain of everyone’s favorite brain-bending film.”


What You’ll See: Test footage of a cut scene in which Russell Crowe’s Maximus faces down a computer-generated rhino.

How to Access: On the bonus disc, go to the second page of special features and click Original Storyboards; on the second page of that section, select Rhino Fight. Highlight the rhino in the second storyboard and press “enter.”

Mr. DVD Sez: “With a budget as bloated as the rhino, this scene ended up on the cutting room floor.”