December 2014: The 100 Greatest Innovations Of The Year

Letter From The Editor

A Vision Of Tomorrow


  • A Blast To Better Predict Disaster
  • Climate Control On Your Wrist
  • Can Fist Bumps Halt Hospital Infections?
  • Suspended Animation Gets Real
  • How Habitable Is That Exoplanet?
  • A Hypersonic Craft That Dodges Defenses
  • Could Drugs Heal A Broken Heart?


The Best Of What’s New: 100 Innovations That Will Shape The Future


  • Conquer Cold With DIY Hand Warmers
  • Hot-Tub Drive Machine
  • Electrified Outfits Light Up The Ballet
  • Hacking Out Of Homelessness

Ask Anything

  • How Do Spiders Cast Silk Strands Across Roads?
  • Why Does Crying Make Noses Run?

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