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Din Djarin (the Mandalorian) in his spaceship with Grogu (baby Yoda) on his lap, traveling through hyperspace.

How to watch Star Wars in order—even the shows

If you’re settling in for a Star Wars marathon of galactic proportions, the order you watch everything in may matter.

In the foreground to the left is a sphere half illuminated on the right side, almost filling the image vertically. The surface consists of several parallel, pale-coloured bands aligned horizontally. To the top right is a much smaller orange, circular light source, illuminating the large sphere in the foreground. The background is black with numerous tiny white dots.

JWST detects a new exoplanet six times larger than Jupiter

The supergiant has defied expectations.

an illustration of two mouse-like animals in a forest, with a stegosaurus walking by and a mosquito flying over them

Baby teeth reveal surprisingly long lifespans of small Jurassic mammals

These mouse-like critters likely lived longer than their modern relatives.

the forest

Tree bark demonstrates an unexpected climate superpower

‘…our trees are that much more useful and powerful than we’ve given them credit for.’

a digital illustration of AI

Everyone is judging AI by these tests, but experts say they’re close to meaningless

Benchmarks used to rank AI models are several years old, often sourced from amateur websites, and, experts worry, lending automated systems a dubious sense of authority.

various bird bones out on a table

Neanderthals ate birds. But how?

Scientists set out to replicate ancient cooking methods.

a peacock butterfly on a pink plant. its wings are primarily red, with black, yellow, and blue circles

Butterflies and moths suck up pollen with static electricity

These insects generate a hair-raising amount of charge.

Best Bluetooth speakers sliced and diced header

The best Bluetooth speakers for 2024, chosen by experts

A Bluetooth speaker is a great way to stay connected to your favorite audio without being tethered to any one place.

Save hundreds, even thousands, on the best wireless hi-fi speakers from KEF

Save hundreds, even thousands, on the best wireless hi-fi speakers from KEF

Let’s cut to the chase: It’s time to cut the cords with a discounted pair of our favorite wireless powered bookshelf speakers during KEF’s Sounds of Summer sale.

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