Get lifetime access to 3TB of Cloud storage for less than $75

Zoolz makes online backup truly affordable.

Many unfortunate souls lose family photos and tax documents to hardware failure each year. If you want to avoid this fate, it makes sense to back up your data. Zoolz Cloud Storage is a simple solution that’s way more affordable than the competition. You can currently get 3TB of lifetime cloud storage for only $74.95 at the PopSci Shop—and use DIGITALWEEK15 for an extra 15 percent off this deal.

Cloud backup can be expensive, but not with Zoolz. This platform uses a smart storage system, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

The files you use most often are stored in the 1.5TB Instant Vault. This works just like Dropbox, with instant sync between your devices. If you need extra space, you can store files in the 1.5TB Cold Storage area. This is your digital attic—the perfect place to archive the files you want to keep forever.

Available on Windows and Mac, the Zoolz desktop app gives you total control over every backup. You can access your uploaded files via any web browser, and preview your files on iOS and Android.

Worth $2,100, lifetime cloud backup is now just $74.95—and remember to use DIGITALWEEK15 for the extra saving this week (ends 7/27).