Back up everything with lifetime 2TB cloud storage for under $50

Zoolz cold storage is like a time capsule for your files.

Backing up your most precious files is always a smart move. But local backups are always at risk of fire, flood and hardware failure. You can save your data from these disasters with Zoolz Cloud Storage. This digital time capsule has enough space to back up all your files, with lifetime 2TB storage now just $49.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

Backing up your entire hard drive online would normally be very expensive. Zoolz makes it affordable by using cold storage technology. This provides a long-term home for your files, while still allowing you to download your data within 3–5 hours. You can keep two computers backed up with one subscription, and Zoolz works across Mac and PC.

The desktop app is actually stacked with great features. The Smart Selection tool lets you choose which files to back up, while bandwidth throttling is really useful on slower connections. You can also control file retention, meaning you can revert to the previous version of any document. For added peace of mind, Zoolz keeps all your data backed up in multiple data centres.

This much lifetime storage would normally cost $3,600—order now for just $49.99 to start backing up.