How to become a cyber security expert from scratch

Learn how malicious hackers operate and how to stop them via eight video courses.

For any business that uses online platforms, security is a major concern. As a result, cyber security experts are in demand. You don’t need a college degree to enter this niche—the Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle offers eight courses that cover all the basics. It’s the perfect way to start your security career, and the bundle is now just $29 at the Popular Science Shop.

From viruses to social engineering, malicious hackers cause havoc with a wide range of attacks. This bundle takes you through all the common threats, one by one. Through hands-on lessons, you create your own malware and discover how to secure your system.

The courses also look at networks and hacking the web, from client-side attacks to server-side vulnerabilities. Just as importantly, you learn how to prevent these attacks and educate your colleagues about security. Whether you want to become a security consultant or just stay safe online, this bundle provides 12.5 hours of essential learning.

This training is worth $360 all together, but you can grab the bundle now for just $29 and get lifetime access.

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