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YAS-207 sound bar

Yamaha Amazon

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Popular Science featured the Yamaha YAS-207 sound bar in its piece on all the gear you need build a backyard home theater. The sound bar has DTS Virtual:X built in, which recreates surround-sound without needing to place speakers all around you. It reproduces a virtual height and depth that wouldn’t normally be possible with a single, forward facing speaker. Today, it’s 10 percent off the normal price and available for $270.

Knife sharpener

Chef’s Choice Amazon

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If aren’t in the market for some amazing—and discounted—Japanese kitchen knives, and you instead want to sharpen the knives you already own, this professional-grade electric sharpening tool will make the task easy. It takes less than a minute to sharpen a 15-degree (a measurement of sharpness) knife, and can even turn a 20-degree knife into a tool with a sharper, 15-degree blade. Right now, it’s available for 52 percent off—that’s the lowest price yet on Amazon. $100.

Sous vide

Anova Culinary Amazon

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Anova Culinary’s sous vide—featured in a PopSci article about products to give your kitchen some smarts—is available for $80. While the price fluctuates daily, that is around $10-$20 of savings. Sous vides allow you to evenly cook your food at a precise temperature. The smart immersion circulator—meaning it moves and heats the water it’s submerged in—connects over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can monitor your food’s progress from anywhere in the house. $80.

PowerCore 15,600mAh charger

Anker Amazon

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If you didn’t get a chance to check out our article on six portable batteries for all your power needs, and are in the market for a new on-the-go charger, Anker’s PowerCore 15600mAh charger is on sale for 19 percent off—now $32. The 15,600mAh device weighs only 13.3 ounces and can charge an iPhone X or Samsung 8 up to 3 times. The charger has two USB charging ports. $32.

Up to 50 percent off select items

Monoprice Monoprice

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Live until September 9th, Monoprice has up to 50 percent off savings on items like their line of Z-Wave smart products (outlets and lights), plus guitars, headphones, and tons of cheap computer and smartphone charging cables.

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