This innovative blanket can help your body to recover faster

Save $60 on the advanced Yaasa Elements blanket.

It’s well known that blood flow aids physical recovery. Our muscles and tissues need plenty of the red stuff to perform essential maintenance. The Yaasa Elements Throw Blanket uses advanced fabric technology to improve local blood flow, meaning you recover faster after sports and workouts. It also regulates your temperature, so you sleep better. You can grab this innovative blanket now for $189 via the PopSci Shop.

You might be wondering how space age a blanket can be. But Yaasa has thought long and hard about their latest product. The Elements blanket combines several cutting-edge materials to provide a uniquely soothing wrap.

The blanket is made up of several materials. The first is Celliant, a synthetic fiber that has been proven to enhance local blood flow. The second material is SeaCell, which is made from organic seaweed harvested in Iceland. Being rich in antioxidants, these fibers protect your skin from free radicals. The other key ingredient is organic cotton, which brings remarkable softness and strength.

In combination, these fibers can help your body to recover faster after exercise. The blanket can also help you conserve energy and sleep more soundly.

Grab the Elements blanket now for $189 to save 24 percent on the MSRP.