This XXL shower speaker helps you rock the morning rush for under $20

This waterproof boombox delivers great sound through the suds.

Some mornings, getting up early feels like rising from the dead. At times like these, your favorite playlist can be your salvation. The XXL Shower Speaker lets you sing along, delivering almighty sound through the suds. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can leave your phone somewhere dry. You can get this waterproof boombox now for just $19.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

To hear your tracks above the sound of running water, you really need a speaker with some power. As the name suggests, the XXL is larger than the competition—meaning more room for audio hardware. As a result, you can pump up the volume to 3 watts. That’s enough to turn your shower into a tiny nightclub.

Just as importantly, this speaker offers great sound quality. You can enjoy soaring trebles and earthy bass lines for six hours straight. The device is completely waterproof, and the Bluetooth range is 10 meters. Built-in controls allow you to play, pause and skip tracks, or answer calls via the integrated mic.

It’s normally $99.99, but you can grab the XXL Shower Speaker now for $19.99 with a choice of three colors.