Put the Cosmos on your wrist with the Trappist-1 moon phase watch

The perfect timepiece for any astronomer, now 30 percent off.

When you start learning about the night sky, it quickly becomes fascinating. Instead of a simple light show, you see distant galaxies and far-off worlds. The Xeric Trappist-1 watch helps you enjoy this spectacle, with a face that keeps track of the current moon phase. In fact, the dial is a tiny representation of the cosmos. You can grab this amazing timepiece now for $244.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Named after a nearby (well, 39 light years away) solar system containing seven planets, the Trappist-1 watch is the perfect timepiece for any space fanatic. The face mimics the view from the ISS spaceport observatory, and the domed crystal is made from Hesalite—a material developed for NASA. Instead of hands, this watch has glow-in-the-dark planets that count the hours and minutes.

Through the center of that Cupola grille, you get a view of the current moon phase. This always stays in sync, meaning you can plan your next stargazing evening. The watch also has a “StarDate” counter, while the strap is made from high-quality Horween leather.

This Kickstarter success story is now 30 percent off at just $244.99.