Track your summer adventures with this world travel tracker map

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The best thing about travel is the memories you come home with. But once you get so far down the bucket list, it’s easy to forget about past trips. The World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Maps help you reminisce in style—whenever you visit somewhere new, you simply scratch off the foil on that country. You can add this beautiful map to your home decor now for $23.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Vacations usually hold a special place in our hearts. No matter how you recollect your travels, these maps will help you keep track.

When you first receive your Travel Tracker, the map is completely covered in gold foil. But as you visit new locations, you get to scratch away the surface. This reveals a full-color version of the country, making it stand out. You can do the same for that nation’s flag at the bottom of the map.

If your travels are more local, you can also get a US and Canada version. This lets you mark every state and National Park you visit.

They’re normally $45 each, but you can get the World Travel Tracker now for just $23.99.