Relive dad’s adventures with the world travel tracker map this Father’s Day

This visual bucket list is now $24.

While many Dads are happy with beer and football, some fathers are a little more adventurous. If your old man loves to travel, you should consider getting him a World Travel Tracker Scratch Off Map this Father’s Day. This awesome atlas lets your Dad record every trip, and display his worldliness with pride. Right now, you can grab one for just $23.99 at the PopSci Shop.

When you’re young, every vacation is easy to remember (apart from that crazy college road trip). But when you start packing your bags for the fiftieth year, it’s easy to forget. The Travel Tracker should bring the memories flooding back, and help your Dad work out where to go next.

This beautiful map is covered in metal foil. When your Dad visits somewhere new, he gets to scratch off the foil over that country, along with the national flag below. He can also use the map to record all the places he has been before. Along with the world map version, there’s a US National Parks map for recording adventures closer to home.

Normally $45, the Travel Tracker map is now only $23.99—be sure to choose your preferred map on the deal page.