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Around a quarter of all websites are built using WordPress, and for good reason—this CMS is free, flexible, and packed with features. The WordPress Hero Bundle helps you master the platform and create your perfect site, with seven courses and over 28 hours of video training. Right now, you can pay what you want for the bundle via the PopSci Shop.

Whether you want to design your own web presence or build sites for clients, this bundle has you covered. Through hands-on lessons, you discover how to install WordPress on your web hosting and set up your domain.

You then dive into the code to craft your own responsive themes from scratch and build custom plugins with PHP. You don’t need any technical experience, and the tutorials start from scratch. The bundle also helps you turn your site into a burgeoning business. Two courses focus on ecommerce, and you learn how to use SEO to attract visitors.

You can name your price on Learn How to Build an eCommerce Website. Simply beat the average price paid to get the full bundle, worth $1,243.

If building sites from scratch sounds like too much trouble, the PopSci Shop also has some deals on templates. Right now, you can get lifetime access to the Visualmodo WordPress Themes library for $39 (worth $259) or get a Theme Junkie lifetime subscription for just $24.99 (worth $99). Both sites offer a large selection of responsive themes, covering a wide range of use cases.