Windscribe VPN provides true private browsing with no ads and no log

Get lifetime protection across all your devices for $49.99.

Using a VPN is essential if you want to keep your browsing history private. But Windscribe VPN does more than merely protect your privacy. This all-in-one solution blocks ads and helps you torrent securely. It works across all your devices, and there is absolutely no log of your activity. And now you can get lifetime Pro service for $49.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Sites like Facebook and Google routinely track everyone across the web. Furthermore, government agencies are quite happy to eavesdrop on your activity. Windscribe VPN protects you from these privacy problems and a whole lot more. For starters, no one can trace your connection. Windscribe doesn’t even keep a record, so there is nothing for the feds to find.

Your data is also encrypted, and the built-in firewall prevents leaks when your connection drops. You can use Windscribe to browse insecure networks in safety and bypass geo-restrictions on your favorite sites. Meanwhile, the Windscribe browser extension lets you block most ads. The VPN works across Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS, with Android coming soon.

Lifetime service is worth $900, but you can get your Pro subscription now for just $49.99.