Best of 2017: this award-winning VPN delivered the best security of 2017

Upgrade your online security in 2018 and beyond with Windscribe.

As the clock counts down to midnight, it’s time to wrap up 2017 and look back at some of the year’s biggest highlights. But just like the outgoing year, we’re going out with fireworks at the PopSci Shop. Windscribe VPN is an award-winning service that keeps you secure and anonymous online, and one of the most popular security solutions to grace 2017. Right now, you can grab a lifetime Pro subscription for only $49—and you can take an extra 17 percent off with code BESTOF17.

With servers around the world, Windscribe helps you disappear online by rerouting your traffic through remote private servers. The service masks your IP address and physical location, meaning no-one can snoop on your browsing history or view passwords and private information. All your data is also protected by AES-256 encryption and a top-notch firewall. As a result, you can browse the web with total peace of mind—even when you’re connected to public WiFi.

Windscribe offers apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS, with Android coming soon. You can also install the browser extension to switch between servers quickly and block annoying ads. Windscribe protects all your devices at the same time, and you can torrent to your heart’s content.

Worth $900, lifetime service is now just $49. Order now to upgrade your cyber security and don’t miss it at an extra 17 percent off today only—remember to use promo code BESTOF17.