Here’s an interesting question that’s more fitting to be answered at home as a bar trick than a science experiment: can a saw blade made of paper cut through wood?

You’re not sure, are you? I mean most paper is made of wood pulp, so sharpened paper would be like sharpened wood. But what kind of wood can be sliced by a paper blade? Balsa? Balsa seems weak enough.

We all know paper has some impressive capabilities if folded, but can the edge of a single sheet on a rotary motor work like a saw?

Look, you can make anything out of anything—it just doesn’t mean it’s going to work properly. Paper doesn’t seem like something that would take well to high RPMs. It’s also brittle and pliable. However, anyone who’s ever had a paper cut also knows that paper isn’t so weak and innocent.

Maybe paper can do some damage. Woodworker John Heisz of the I Build It YouTube channel puts it to the test. Watch the video below to see how it performs.