WhiteSmoke checks your writing for spelling, grammar and style

Make your writing error-free forever for $79.

Making mistakes is a natural part of the writing process. But even if you read through your own draft, it’s easy to miss small errors. WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant provides much-needed backup—this desktop app uses artificial intelligence to check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. Right now, you can get a lifetime Premium subscription for $79 at the PopSci Shop.

When you’re messaging a friend, you can easily laugh about typos. But the same mistakes won’t look good on your résumé. When you need perfection, WhiteSmoke has your back.

This intelligent app is the ultimate proofreader. Just like a regular spellchecker, WhiteSmoke highlights mistakes in real time. Advanced algorithms unpick the meaning of every sentence in order to highlight errors—including the less obvious ones. WhiteSmoke even helps you to fix the problems.

This app can also check your work for plagiarism against a huge database, and translate your draft into 50 different languages. Available on Mac and Windows, the desktop app works seamlessly with Microsoft Office. In addition, you can use WhiteSmoke in any web browser.

Worth $399.95, lifetime Premium service is now just $79—and you can use code NEWYEAR2019 for an extra 19 percent off.