This app analyzes text with intelligent algorithms to save you from grammatical errors

WhiteSmoke wants to make sure you never send an email with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors again.

Even the best writers make errors. So there is no shame in getting a little help with important emails and work reports. WhiteSmoke is a powerful app that uses intelligent algorithms to spot your mistakes. It can pick up spelling errors, bad punctuation, grammar no-nos, and more. Right now, you can get lifetime access for only $69.99 via the PopSci Shop.

When one slip of the finger can cost you a job, it makes sense to employ a proofreader. While professional editors are pretty expensive, WhiteSmoke offers all the same services at a fraction of the price. It works with your favorite text editors, spotting the little flaws you just didn’t notice. The app uses intelligent algorithms to follow your narrative, meaning you won’t get any stupid suggestions.

Aside from corrections, WhiteSmoke can translate your words into 50 different languages. In addition, the app can check your work for plagiarism—a popular feature with students. WhiteSmoke works on desktop browsers and mobile devices, so you can work anywhere. It also integrates seamlessly with apps such as Outlook.

Worth $399.95, lifetime Premium subscriptions are now just $69.99.