WhiteSmoke uses artificial intelligence to correct your writing errors

Produce perfect grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation

When you spend all day writing emails and reports, it’s easy to make typos. Unfortunately, it only takes one misplaced letter to cause serious embarrassment. WhiteSmoke is a top-rated app that uses intelligent algorithms to spot your little (and big) mistakes. It works across all major platforms, providing assistance with spelling, grammar, and more. You can currently get a lifetime Premium subscription for $61 at the PopSci Shop.

Right now, you probably rely on Microsoft Word or Google Docs to flag up problems in your prose. But these apps aren’t smart enough to understand the true meaning of each sentence. As a result, they regularly miss errors and make unhelpful suggestions. In contrast, WhiteSmoke utilizes AI technology to spot the errors that other apps miss.

The app finds spelling mistakes, grammar problems, and punctuation slip-ups in 50 languages. It can also make smart style suggestions and check your work for plagiarism—perfect for students. WhiteSmoke is available as a standalone desktop app on Windows and Mac, and as a browser extension. This Premium subscription includes free updates for life.

Worth $399.95, lifetime Premium subscriptions are now only $61 on a special price drop.