Name your price for this professional white hat hacking training

Become a security expert through 63 hours of training, worth $1,271.

Now that online security has become one of the dominant issues of 2017, many companies are hiring professional white hat hackers. The White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle is the perfect springboard into this rewarding and lucrative career, with eight courses and 63 hours of instruction. You can name your price on the courses now at the Popular Science Shop.

Unlike malicious hackers and cyber criminals, white hat hackers use their skills to test software, networks and other systems to fix security holes before they become a problem. More and more companies need these skills and are willing to pay for the best talent. If you want to capitalize on this incredible demand, this bundle will take you from the basic skills to the latest techniques.

Through hands-on video lessons, you’ll learn how to set up your hacking workflow and install key software. You’ll then dive into the technical stuff: how to crack WiFi passwords, use proxy servers, access the dark web, build trojans, and protect an major enterprise system online. The bundle also helps you prep to earn the respected CISSP certification.

You can pay what you want for two courses: the Python for Android Hacking Crash Course and Wi-Fi Hacking with Kali. Or simply beat the average price paid to get the full line-up, worth $1,271.