SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk is set to give a much-anticipated presentation on "making humans an interplanetary species." Here's how to tune in. Flickr user OnInnovation

We still have a day’s wait until the Tesla announcement, and speculation is running high about what we’ll see, and why the event, which was scheduled for Monday, has been delayed.

Asking Elon Musk what the delay is all about would be a waste of time: Musk is a fan of mystery followed by big reveals, and even if today’s delay is due to a major setback, it’s only serving to add more suspense.

So what’s coming? Let’s put it this way: It’s not going to be an incremental improvement. We’re talking new computers and/or new car models.

If rumors are any indication, it’s a serious upgrade to the future of autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars are getting better every week, but there are rumors that Tesla is about to debut a quantum computing system of its own. If true, this would be a major step forward for driverless technology. And it would be an even bigger deal coming from Tesla since the company has suffered a couple of setbacks in the last year, with two deaths allegedly caused by Tesla models of self-driving cars that performed erroneously.

Speculation has also turned to the Model 3 and the Model Y cars, which are both due for another preview. Both vehicles have been teased but a serious reveal has yet to be debuted.

Any, and indeed all, of the items on this list are possible. Tesla has regularly done a good job of surprising with its announcements, to the point that it’s getting tough for Musk to outdo himself.

While quantum autopilot sounds like the farthest leap forward (and the best reason to delay the announcement) it’s still possible that Musk just requested the extra time because he’s looking for a way to unplug from the Matrix—which, you know, he believes we’re probably living in.

So yeah. Get excited for something impressive, whether it’s a new vehicle, a smarter self-driving car, or a guy in a suit stopping bullets with his mind.