What Is CES and How Do I Attend?

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Every year, the biggest technology companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas for a weeklong conference focused on the newest and most innovative technology. The Consumer Electronics Show, better known as CES, hosts more than 3,600 companies focusing on a wide range of topics. Desktop computers, speakers, laptops and common consumer tech is displayed beside more cutting-edge products like virtual reality headset and advanced health sensors. CES 2016 will be used a proving ground for new and innovative technologies.

When Is CES 2016?

The official dates of CES 2016 are January 6-9. But thousands of attendees arrive to have closed-door meetings, negotiations, discussions, friendly drinks and more in the days preceding the official dates. For about a week, the conference will completely take over the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding area. Attendees of CES mostly meet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but many make use of the conference rooms and suites at nearby casinos and hotels.

How Do I Attend CES 2016?

The conference is a trade-only show, meaning that the general public is not invited. If you don’t have any business interest the consumer technology industry, it’s unlikely that you’d be allowed to register for the show. If you DO have a business interest in the show, you can register under one of three names: Attendee, Media, Delegation Leader or Exhibitor. Each type of attendee will have different reasons for going and you can get more information from the CES Registration website.

What Can We Expect?

CES 2016 will be a breaking ground of cutting-edge tech: autonomous cars, wearables, sensors, drones, mixed reality and smart appliances. The increasing power of mobiles processors combined with the decreasing costs of sensors is expected expected to launch new products in wearables, motion controller, and heads-up displays. As smartphone sales are slowing down, many will ook to CES 2016 to be the proving ground for many new advancements in technology. You can check out the full breakdown of our expectations here or follow along with our CES 2016 coverage here.