Graphic User Interfaces beware— Tangible User Interfaces just got real. From Tangible Media

MIT’s Materiable is a high tech, low res, shapeshifting interface.

Individual “pins” look like tall, narrow piano keys. Collectively, they look like pixelated water— or rubber, or sand. Touch them and adjoining pieces react accordingly. Flexibility, elasticity, and viscosity are all programmable. As a ‘multimaterial’ it can represent topography and water in a landscape, or function as a medical simulator. Aesthetically, Materiable is simple. With some imagination, the possibilities are elaborate—and unlimited.

Rendering digital info to tactile display and vice versa, Materiable is a very hands on interface.
Graphic User Interfaces beware— the Tangible User Interface (literally) just got real. From Tangible Media

MIT’s Tangible Media Group does projects (like Materiable) in pursuit of ‘Tangible User Interfaces’, “embodying digital information in physical space.”