Welzen helps you find inner happiness through meditation

Choose your program and adjust the length of each session to suit your day.

Everyone knows that meditation can help to reduce stress and make you feel better about life. But you may not realize how easy it is to get started. Welzen is an app that helps you create the perfect meditation program to fit your routine. You can even focus on particular goals, like being more creative or less anxious. You can currently get a lifetime subscription for just $29.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

Welzen sessions last between 5 and 20 minutes, depending on how long you have to spare. The full five-day program helps to reduce stress through your working week, while the one-off sessions work on feelings or subjects.

For instance, you can take a Focus session to improve your concentration, or a Sports session to prepare your mind for the big game. You could also prime your brain for a foreign language, or improve your relationships. With apps for iOS and Android, this personal meditation coach helps you find that inner zen wherever you go.

Lifetime access is worth $149.99, but you can get your subscription now for $29.99—that’s 80 percent off.

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