Our favorite weighted blankets for a better night’s sleep

Welcome additions to the bedroom.

weighted blanket
Heavy blankets to help you sleepQuin Stevenson via Unsplash

Whether it was from Instagram ads or friends online, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about weighted blankets in the past few years. They claim to help people relax, relieve stress, and improve overall sleep quality. As an overly stressed, sleep-deprived individual, I was curious if the blankets actually worked. To my surprise, I had some of the best nights of sleep of my life while using them. While results may certainly vary depending on your preferences and physiology, I found choosing the right weight to be the key. I tried multiple options that were too heavy and my stress level actually increased, making me wake up anxious some nights. Here are some great options for people that want to try out some weighted blankets. You’ll want to pick one that is between 6-10 percent of your body weight.

ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

Choose Your Preference

Come in multiple different sizes, weights, and colors.Amazon

ZonLi blankets are made of soft, breathable cotton and come in five common size options. Weights vary between five and 30 pounds. The blanket has a seven-layer design—two cotton layers, two layers of leakproof microfiber, a hypo-allergenic sheet of odorless glass beads, and the polyester padding to keep the glass beads in place. You can get a duvet cover, which will help keep the blanket clean.

Quility Premium weighted blanket

Swap The Design

There are eight heaviness options from five to 30 pounds.Amazon

Quility offers a similar seven-layered design to the ZonLi blankets—with the micro glass beads—but it comes with a separate removable Minky duvet cover. This cover will help keep you warmer during the colder months and makes it easier to keep your blanket fresh. It has a zipper, which helps keep the weighted blanket from coming out of the cover. You can hand wash or dry clean the blanket or duvet cover, but don’t place either in a dryer. There are seven weight options from five to 25 pounds.

YnM Weighted Blanket

One Of The Cheaper Options

They keep kids in mind. Amazon

The most stylish—and coolest sleeping option—comes from YnM. These blankets feature the standard seven-layer design, but includes more glass beads and less fiber filling to keep you cooler at night. They also have kid-friendly duvet cover designs featuring things like dinosaurs and superheroes. Unlike other blankets, there are nine weight options from five to 30 pounds. According to the company, they use smaller stitched compartments—4.7 x 4.7-inches—for more even bead distribution.