Watch Two Real People Pass A Torch In A Virtual Reality World

Like a toddler learning to play catch, virtual reality just had a coordination milestone. It’s growing up so fast.

Virtual reality just took its first step into a larger world: Player two has successfully entered the game.

A partnership between Kenzan Media and Artanim Motion Capture has achieved the first successful Oculus Rift-style interpersonal toss and catch. They’ve made it possible for two people to coordinate movements in real time–in a virtual reality world. See it here, in GIF form:

Within the simulation of some adventurers raiding an ancient tomb, two players passed the torch (literally) without taking off their headsets or fumbling awkwardly to override what they were seeing. In other words: Virtual reality seamlessly overlaid reality.

This could be the “first contact” moment for virtual reality gaming–a small step but one that makes many things possible in the future.

If it doesn’t seem impressive, consider all of the points of representation that are acting in this virtual reality scenario: the environment, the torch’s play on the lighting, and the other person in the game. They’re all rendered without delay. Humanity has essentially recreated, on the basest level, The Matrix.

What implications could this technology have in the future? There are dozens of practical applications for this technology, from entertainment all the way to training for rescue personnel. Is this the next laser tag? Could it help with military training exercises, like teaching firefighters to respond to environmental cues without danger?

Sure, but most likely it will be first person shooters stepping up their games thanks to this technology. In the meantime teenagers might even escape the bruises of paintball by replacing masks with Oculus helms, so it already stands to do a bit of good for surface injuries (and laundry).

We’re just waiting for the “I told you so” from the Wachowskis.

Watch the video, here.