Real hoverboards are scarce in the year 2016. Instead we have lots of two-wheeled, auto-balancing boards that people have collectively resigned to calling “hoverboards,” mostly out of collective laziness, I suspect. But there are a few real hoverboards floating around out there, and one of them is made by a startup called Hendo. And while currently unfortunately confined to a single metallic test track, the Hendo is still cool as a proof-of-concept, and who better than to take it out for a spin than noted hoverboard hoaxer/Hendo collaborator/skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk?

Hawk posted the following video to his Instagram yesterday. He was able to get the Hendo hoverboard to do some mad spins, but not much else, before falling off and eating it. Let’s hope with practice — and giving Hendo time to engineer a more unrestricted board — he can get up to some real Marty McFly-style skill.