Video: A Master Swordsman Cuts A 100-MPH Fastball In Half

Isao Machii has the quickest muscles in all the land

The last time we checked in with Isao Machii, the Japanese master of Iaido (which is a modern martial art involving swordplay), he was demonstrating his expertise of Iaijutsu, or quick draw, with an MH24 robot arm. The pair sliced through flowers, fruit, and peapods, and littered the floor with thousands of mangled practice targets.

Perhaps Machii’s real skill, though, is using his reflexes and superb hand-eye coordination to cut speeding objects in half. To wit: Machii has halved a fried shrimp (80 mph), a BB bullet (200 mph), a tennis ball (400-plus mph), and now a baseball at roughly 100 mph.

[via Kotaku]