Don’t try this at home. Don’t try this at work. Just don’t try this.

Earlier this month, ‘sky surfer’ Sean MacCormac jumped out of a plane into a thunderstorm. Lightning flashed, rain pelted, and Red Bull, which sponsored the stunt, got some great footage.

The successful thunderstorm jump took place on July 11, but several other, less intense jumps preceded the big one in the week leading up to the stormy finale.

MacCormac and team chose Clewiston, FL as the site of the jump because the area is prone to frequent thunderstorms, especially during the summer.

Florida is one of the lightning capitals of the United States (Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have Florida beat worldwide), and many researchers head to the state to get more information about lightning strikes.

Into the Storm

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Sean MacCormac jumps into clouds on July 6.
What goes up, must come down

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Sean MacCormac on a July 5, 2016 jump.

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Sean MacCormac lands in Clewiston, Florida.

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A lightning storm seen in Florida on July 7, 2016.