This week, President Barack Obama appeared on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” The president joined the TV star and survivalist Grylls in Alaska to chat about his presidency, his life, and of course, the importance of addressing our contributions to climate change.

Throughout the show, President Obama follows Grylls around through trees and craggy rocks, and at one point they end up looking out over the Harding Ice Field. The glacier (or as Grylls calls it, the glassier) has receded a shocking amount since 2008, and it offers a poetic take on how swiftly our presence can change the environment. President Obama hopes that the show allows people to see and feel the effects of climate change, not just read the numbers.

Of course, President Obama ends up eating some bear leftovers, drinks tea that helps flatulence (he claims he has no problem with that), teaches Grylls his daughter Sasha’s s’mores technique, and struggles to take a selfie. He would not, however, drink his own pee (he would do it if the alternative was death, though he wouldn’t do it regularly). President Obama called the day one of his best, since he didn’t have to wear a suit or be in an office. And armed with a bevy of quips, he delivers convincingly awkward, but endearing, confessional interviews to the camera.

Be sure to watch to the end to see President Obama deliver the wonderful line about his own state of fitness, “I’m fairly cut.”