Watch The Maiden Flight Of The Diamond DART

It can fly up to 8 hours without refueling, making it ideal for spying

DART 450 Trainer

DART 450 Trainer

From the side, it looks almost like a cartoon drawing of a plane.Diamon Aircraft

Every pilot starts somewhere. The Diamond DART 450, a new reconnaissance trainer plane, made its maiden flight on Tuesday, with speeds ranging from 70 to 230 mph. The plane’s top speed is expected at roughly 290 mph, which is more than fast enough for pilots to learn how to steer their craft delicately through the sky.

From Austrian planemakers Diamond:

“Company Chief Test Pilot Ingmar Mayerbuch and Flight Test Engineer Thomas Wimmer have been so excited about the first results that certification and serial production is green-lighted”, said Christian Dries, CEO Diamond Aircraft. Diamond Aircraft Chief Designer Clemens Knappert: “We achieved our target from the first drawings to the first flight in one year. I’m already excited about what comes next.”

DART stands for “Diamond Aircraft Reconnaissance Trainer”, and it’s likely that for many militaries the planes will serve a dual role training pilots and patrolling the land when not in class.

The plane is expected to fly for up to 8 hours without refueling, an ideal trait in a scout, and its large bubble cockpit provides a sweeping view of the surrounding terrain.

Watch it dance in the sky below: