Watch A Lost Otter Pup Reunite With Its Mother

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Lost sea otter pup reunited with her mom in Morro Bay

This is basically the happiest vid you've seen in a while. (Or evar!) Heather Harris (a veterinarian with The Marine Mammal Center), our team of SLO volunteers, and Mike Harris (a sea otter biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife) successfully reunited a 2 day old sea otter pup with her mother inside Morro Bay. There are very few successful reunites so this is something to celebrate. Well done team! (Thanks to Heather Harris and Tim Cowan from the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol for the vid!)

Posted by The Marine Mammal Center on Sunday, May 29, 2016

You've heard of a ring toss, but what about a pup toss?

After an otter pup was separated from its mother by a strong tide, biologists with The Marine Mammal Center took the tiny bundle of fur around Moro Bay in California, eventually reuniting it with its frantic mother by gently lobbing it from the rescue boat into the water.

On Facebook, the Marine Mammal Center explained how they found the mother by sounding out all the otters in the area. "The rescue boat drove all around the area, approaching every otter they could find, holding the pup out so its vocalizations could be heard. Every otter they encountered basically said, "Yup. That's a baby otter alright..." As you can see in the video, one otter had quite a more... interested... reaction."

[via SFist]