This Earpiece Will Prevent You From Ever Being Lost In Translation Again

Waverly Labs unveils an earpiece that allows real-time language translations

In Douglas Adams' well-known novel Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, a Babelfish is stuck in the protagonist's ear in order to simultaneously translate different alien tongues in outer space.

Founder Andrew Ochoa wasn't actually inspired by Adam's novel — or for Star Trek fans, the Universal Translator — but rather by the basic need to communicate with his French girlfriend. Still, now the stuff of science fiction fantasy means reality in this smart earpiece language translator called Pilot, which adapts the latest in speech recognition, computer translations, and wearable technology to allow users to converse without language barriers. Pilot includes a second earpiece connected to a mobile app which toggles between Latin-based and Germanic languages. Other world languages are expected to roll out soon, including those belonging to Slavic and East Asian regions.

Waverly Labs is taking pre-orders via Indiegogo in Spring 2016.