Watch a giant robot use 8-foot-long knives to chop veggies

MegaBots built a giant version of Simone Giertz's terrifying machine

Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots, has built many, many absurd devices. Her most dangerous? Arguably this knife-wielding bot, ostensibly meant to chop vegetables. It might not make you quicker in the kitchen, but it could certainly amputate a few of your fingers. Now the MegaBots team has taken Giertz’s design and made it—well, not more useful, but definitely more terrifying.

MegaBots, an organization dedicated to building giant fighting robots, has been working to improve its enormous machine in preparation for a duel with Japanese robot Kuratas. Once the team completed the robot’s upper body, it decided to have some fun. So MegaBots commissioned a pair of eight-foot-long, 500-pound knives, attached them to the chassis as arms, and put Giertz behind the controls.

She used this amazing gift…to chop vegetables. Eh, we can’t all aim for world domination.