Watch The Elaborate Process Of Changing An IMAX Lightbulb

It actually does take more than one person to change these lightbulbs

IMAX movies are awesome, and the projection equipment used to screen everything from blockbusters to nature films is equally impressive. The bulb of an IMAX projector is so powerful that if it was turned on on the surface of the Moon, you could see it from Earth. So what happens when you need to change this massive lightbulb?

The video above shows us it’s a surprisingly intricate process, involving protective gear (there is some risk that the $5,600 bulb might explode), screwdrivers, wrenches, and two people. The video was shot behind the scenes at the Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater at San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation. Take a look, and feel thankful you don’t have to go through this every time one of the lightbulbs in your house burns out!

[via Laughing Squid]