Watch Broken Lightbulbs Work In Liquid Nitrogen

Cooling the filament keeps it from burning out

Lightbulb in Liquid Nitrogen

Lightbulb in Liquid Nitrogen

CrazyRussianHacker shows how a lightbulb will function when cooled in liquid nitrogen.Youtube

Lightbulbs don't have a long lifespan once the bulb is cracked. Over the years the methodology has changed, but a variety of inert gasses and vacuums have always been what keeps the glowing-hot filament in a lightbulb from simply melting.

Well, apparently there's one other way to do it, if you're desperate to keep using a broken bulb... and happen to have a jug or two of liquid nitrogen lying around.

YouTube stunt scientist sensation CrazyRussianHacker busts open a bulb, plugs it in, dips it in a glass of boiling liquid nitrogen, and lets us see just how cool (if totally impractical) liquid nitrogen lamps would be. It's definitely a festive way to brighten a room--a certain, mad science-y charm.

Take a look: