Take a moment from your afternoon soul-suckery and watch this baby elephant absolutely lose his chill over seeing a kiddie pool for the first time.

The yet-to-be-named calf at the Dallas Zoo is two months old and 200 pounds–somehow both too young and too huge for the age and weight restrictions on this kind of inflatable pool. That doesn’t stop him from flopping around while a zookeeper hoses his adorable self down. “As he grows, so will his inflatable pool,” the zoo says.

Elephants, especially young ones, are natural swimmers and divers, using their trunks like snorkels to catch a breath. This one’s mother is an African elephant saved from Swaziland’s drought.

While Baby No Name frolics like a Golden Retriever, the Dallas Zoo’s social media team is out there educating commenters like Linda, who wonder aloud, “Why isn’t Mom teaching him how to play in a REAL pond instead of concrete?” Look, Linda, he’s too small for real ponds and could accidentally eat wet sand, so they keep him on the concrete for pool time.