Watch Augmented Reality Put Furniture Into Empty Space

Designing the future

The future is here for architects and designers around the world.

ICEreality, a virtual/augmented reality program from the interior construction company DIRTT, has created an incredible AR platform that allows you to walk around inside a virtual space, while also still seeing reality around you. The software can help architects better envision how construction and design elements will change a space.

Designers love the phrase “visualize the space,” but it causes some headaches to the less imaginative homeowners out there. Drawings are great, but limited. Augmented reality gives you the best of both worlds: it’s easier to walk around and look at, but still easy to change.

While the platform is great for arranging kitchen cabinets and feeling out a room before it gets built, the rendering is so clear on this platform that we expect it will have practical applications beyond: forensics, rescue searches—anything that might benefit from seeing inside a space with some augmentation.

It’s a cool product that we’re excited to see more of. We first wrote about DIRTT and their software based on the Doom engine back in 2014.

Correction 6/16/2016: This article was updated to reflect that the ICEreality software is made by DIRTT.