Watch 15 Straight Seconds Of Star Wars Action

Zero stars visible, plenty of war

Explosion In Force Awakens

Explosion In Force Awakens

Screenshot by author, from YouTube

In an effort to generate more publicity for their soon-to-be-released, little-known independent film, the makers of Star Wars released a brand new clip from The Force Awakens. The action, which we've seen in bits and pieces in other trailers, shows 15 seconds of running and panic on a desert planet. Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn, along with the mechanical BB-8, are chased by someone and looking for an escape route. They spy what Rey identifies as a "quad-jumper," and just after she's explained that she's a pilot and can fly it, the whole thing explodes:

Flying away from the smoke is a TIE fighter, clearly more than capable of ruining our protagonists’ day.

While the TIE fighter was repeatedly outmatched by X-Wings in battles earlier in the series, here it proves its worth as a cheap, dependable way to destroy a defenseless target. Watch the full clip, complete with audio, below: