Want to Learn Something New About Space Every Day of 2015?

If you’re as organized as I am this time of year, now is the perfect time to get a 2015 calendar. And if you’re similarly space obsessed, a calendar that will teach you something new about space every day of the year is probably ideal.

From Steve Cariddi and the Planetary Society, the 2015 Year in Space calendar is as stunning and informative as ever. Each month has a theme that is illustrated by gorgeous colour images and explored with easy-to-digest historical and factual information. But it’s the daily tidbits that makes this calendar a must-have for space fans. In addition to the typical reminders of national holidays are daily illustrations of the phases of the Moon, information on where to see planets in the sky, and notices about where in the world you can see interesting celestial phenomena like eclipses. But my personal favourite feature about this calendar is the space history tie-ins. Almost every day has at least one “this day in space” listed, which means you’ll never forget your favourite rocket pioneer’s birthday again.

The Year in Space calendar is basically a year-long tour of the Universe that goes from the roots of spaceflight all the way to distant galaxies. You can get the oversized wall calendar here or the spiral-bound desk calendar here. And for the digitally inclined people out there, sign up for the weekly email version of the calendar here.