No matter what happens with net neutrality, VPNSecure will have your back

Protect your online world and save 91 percent on a lifetime subscription.

The FCC’s recent decision to withdraw support for net neutrality was a big moment for the web. Your ISP is now within its rights to block access to certain sites or put you in the internet slow lane. Unless you want to upgrade, that is.

While a VPN can’t solve all the problems associated with the fall of net neutrality, it can protect your privacy and security. VPNSecure is one of the best services around, with strong encryption and no logs. In honor of Operation #OneMoreVote, the PopSci Shop is offering lifetime subscriptions for just $39.99.

The Benefits of VPNSecure

One of the big problems with the FCC’s decision is that ISPs now have the power to snoop on their customers. In addition, security experts believe that some ISPs will provide lesser online protections for customers who don’t pay for premium packages. For these reasons and many more, Operation #OneMoreVote wants to overturn the FCC vote in the Senate.

No matter which way our lawmakers vote, VPNSecure will have your back. Firstly, the service masks your IP address and physical location. You get the protection of military-grade AES-256 encryption and a choice of VPN protocol.

The platform also provides a DNS kill switch and several other security features. Given that VPNSecure keeps no record of your web history, there really is no way for anyone to track your activity.

Additionally, VPNSecure makes the web more fun. With servers in 46 countries to choose from, you can unlock geo-restricted content from across the world. Similarly, this means you can bypass local restrictions when you’re on vacation.

VPNSecure works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. The apps are easy to install, and one subscription covers five devices. You get unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on your connection speed.

Lifetime service is normally worth $450, but you can get your subscription now for only $39.99.